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Accomplished Defenders of Employers Facing Accusations of Discrimination

Challenging allegations of Labor Code 132a violations

California Labor Code 132a prohibits employers from discriminating against employees who file workers compensation claims. It is one of hundreds of laws designed to protect employees from unfair practices in the workplace. Employers who are accused of labor code violations require the legal prowess of a firm whose reputation is built on time-tested methods and proven results.

The attorneys of Karasoff & Associates, P.C. have more than 100 years of combined experience carefully constructing defense strategies for clients accused of discrimination. Each strategy is personally handled by an attorney of the firm, ensuring the highest level of quality possible.

In-depth knowledge of industry standards and laws

Karasoff & Associates, P.C. works exclusively with clients in the area of workers compensation defense, specializing in complex areas of labor law. The firm's attorneys proactively stay abreast of the latest changes to California's labor code laws. Their knowledge of the industry allows them to:

  • Efficiently and effectively prove the legitimacy of termination on behalf of their clients
  • Reliably keep costs low by pursuing cases only when the claimant has taken steps to go forward with their prosecution
  • Vigorously defending clients' best interests by proving claimants are not entitled to lost wages

A hands-on approach to ensure client satisfaction

At Karasoff & Associates, P.C., attorneys work together in a team approach to identify the needs of individual clients. In cases of alleged Code 132a violations, attorneys build cases by:

  • Collecting evidence. ┬áThe firm uses its own trusted investigators to review witness statements and police reports as well as employee handbooks and human resource policies.
  • Applying prior knowledge. The board-certified specialists of Karasoff & Associates, P.C. work with each attorney in the firm to identify legal precedents in discrimination cases. They also keep an eye on emerging legal trends applicable to Code 132a.

The counselors of Karasoff & Associates have the years of experience and legal acumen necessary to protect employers against accusations of Code 132a violations. Clients are guaranteed to speak with a qualified attorney who's dedicated to their case.

Contact Karasoff & Associates, P.C. to discuss Labor Code 132a violations

Proving legitimacy in a California labor code case may be difficult. Seeking the legal assistance of a reputable firm with a proven record of success may make all the difference. Contact the firm online or call 415.273.2600 to set up an appointment with a board-certified specialist.

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